Thread: newbie needs File I/O tips

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    Question newbie needs File I/O tips

    Just wondered if anyone could provide some hints on file I/O? It needs to save structures to a file if that helps

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    sample of something I saw

    This is just a snippet of code.

    /*srcfile is the file pointer*/
    /*src_file is a filename passed by the user*/
    if ( (srcfile = fopen (src_file, "r") ) == (FILE *) NULL )
    printf ("cannot open %s \n", src_file);
    exit (1); /*fopen returns NULL if problems so exit program*/
    printf ("\n");

    for (j=0; j<40; j++) {
    /*reading in file into sturcture*/
    result = fscanf (srcfile, " %d", &rcd_shared->rcd_data [j].ch);
    if (result == EOF) break; /*break out when end of file */
    fscanf (srcfile, " %d", &rcd_data [j].rt);
    fscanf (srcfile, " %c", &rcd_data [j].tr);
    fscanf (srcfile, " %d", &rcd_data [j].sa);
    fscanf (srcfile, " %d", &rcd_data [j].wd);

    rcd_shared->rcd_Ctrl.number_of_signals = j + 1;

    fclose (srcfile); /*must close file*/

    not the cleanest example but it gets the job done.

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    Made code of unregistered a bit more nice.

    /* the return value is TRUE if everything went OK, else FALSE */
    bool return_value;
    /* pointer to the file */
    FILE *srcfile;
    /* name of the file */
    char *srcfile_name;
    /* try to open the file for read only */
    srcfile = fopen (srcfile_name, "r");
    if (srcfile != NULL)
        /* file is opened */
        for (j = 0; (j < 40) && (result != EOF); j++) 
            /* reading in file into structure */     
            result = fscanf (srcfile, " %d", &rcd_shared->rcd_data [j].ch);         
            result &= fscanf (srcfile, " %d", &rcd_data [j].rt); 
            result &=fscanf (srcfile, " %c", &rcd_data [j].tr); 
            result &=fscanf (srcfile, " %d", &rcd_data [j].sa); 
            result &=fscanf (srcfile, " %d", &rcd_data [j].wd); 
            rcd_shared->rcd_Ctrl.number_of_signals = j + 1; 
        /* close file */
        fclose (srcfile);
        return_value = TRUE;
        printf ("Cannout open %s\n", srcfile_name);
        return_value = FALSE;
    Avoid using the break-statement in a for-loop. Also avoid the use of the exit()-function. When needing these, it means that your program is bad-structured.

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