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    what are the use of getche()?

    can u please give me some example

    And what is the use of "#define MAXLETTER " and "#define MAXNUMBER"?

    can u....please

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    what are the use of getche()?
    getche() is a non-standard function. You can find more information about it by searching the Web.

    And what is the use of "#define MAXLETTER " and "#define MAXNUMBER"?
    Do you have a specific program in mind, or are you merely asking about macro definitions?
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    Use getche() if you want to get a character without having to press enter, and you want that letter output to stdout. It's not available on every compiler.

    #define is used to redefine certain strings in your code to be replaced with others.

    The easiest thing would be to look it up in your book on on the web.
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