Thread: Loss of Precision Question.

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    Loss of Precision Question.

    Hey, Im having a bit of a problem printing this data.
    I am trying to divide two integers and print out a float.
    For example:

    sum = 521;
    printf(" a = %.1f\n", (float)(sum/2));
    printf(" b = %.2f\n", (float)(sum/100));
    I want to get:
    a = 260.5
    b = 5.21%

    but instead I get:
    a = 260.0
    b = 5.00

    Also , how do i get that percentage sign in there after the number?
    thanks alot.

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    cast sum to a float, not the result (which is still being done in integer math).
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    Yeah, what he said.

    I assume sum is an int. So that means any calculations such as sum/2 are integer math including the result. You need to either declare sum as a float, or force it to be float prior to the division:
    (float)sum / 2
    or better still make the constant a floating point value:
    sum / 2.0
    Also, you said you wanted the output to look like b = 5.21%
    printf(" b = %.2f%%\n", ...
    NOTE the double '%' to print out a single '%'. That way it's not mistaken for another format specifier.
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