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    function insline()

    there is a function in c called insline(). This function is not supported by microsoft visual studio any more. does any one know what other function can do instead of insline()

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    If it does what its description is:
    void insline(FILE * fp)
        putc('\n', fp);

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    No, zcs7, that's not what it does. It inserts a line by scrolling the text below the current cursor position down, and thus doesn't belong in the stdio.h category of IO operations.

    For full, portable support, you probably want to look at pdcurses or some such.

    For simply implementing it yourself, you want to look at the Windows Console functions. In particular, to achieve this, you will be looking at the ReadConsoleOutput and WriteConsoleOutput functions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matsp
    No, zcs7, that's not what it does.
    But of course, since insline() is not standard, what it does depends on which library it is from (and then again, that is true even for functions in the standard library).
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