Thread: segmentation fault... first time with unix...

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    tabstop it is DONE!!!
    THANKS A TON BRO... seriously thank you veryyy much...!
    Here's the perfect run!

    mynix> hey
    mynix> - 11No such thing!
    mynix> cd
    mynix> - Done!
    mynix> cd -d ad
    mynix> - Done!
    mynix> cd asdg
    mynix> - Done!
    mynix> pwd
    mynix> - Done!
    mynix> pwd as
    mynix> - 11No such thing!
    mynix> man dsa
    mynix> - Done!
    mynix> man -sdf
    mynix> - 10No such thing!
    mynix> man -d ewr
    mynix> - Done!
    mynix> man -d wer ga
    mynix> - 8No such thing!
    mynix> exit
    Program exited normally.

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    Note that in DOS-mode, accessing NULL is not trapped by the processor like it is in Unix or Windows. So using NULL as a source just gives you random data. Using NULL as a destination will change the interrupt vector table, which can be rather catastrophic to the environment, but will not crash the program then and there. This is due to the fact that DOS is an unprotected environment.

    This is a VERY good reason NOT to use Turbo C for anything - and it being 10+ years old is another good reason...

    Compilers can produce warnings - make the compiler programmers happy: Use them!
    Please don't PM me for help - and no, I don't do help over instant messengers.

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