Thread: IDEs and editors of different kind

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    IDEs and editors of different kind

    I am writting a big C program with lots of plain *.c and *.h files. It starts to grows a lot and the organization of the files is becoming caotic, as different functions has interrelations between them. Sometime the choice of where to store a certain function is a dificult task.
    The design of my program is more like a kind of tree, or even a graph, more than modular.
    Does anybody knows of any IDE or source editor that can organize the functions in other ways that traditional ones?
    thx for the help

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    Most IDEs allow you to use system folders to organize your files.
    It is too clear and so it is hard to see.
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    A lot of people are using Codeblocks these days, though I tend to use Visual C++ or KDevelop (though even at that, there are "better" IDEs for Linux. I just happen to like KDevelop).

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    Well, IDE's may help or hinder here, but ultimately, if you have MANY interrelations between different source files, it sounds like you haven't thought through the design very well.

    With a good design, it should be fairly clear what function belongs where, and how it interacts with other components in the system.

    The IDE can help a little bit, but generally, it's a case of good design that makes it easy to follow the code.

    It may also be that you are splitting your modules TOO MUCH - it isn't better to have more source files if related things are spread out through several small files.

    Small module files are fine if they are well-defined and do not interact too much with other components. But if you have to jump between six differnet source files to understand how one particular funciton works and interacts with other components, then there's something wrong, at most times.

    I'm sorry if this wasn't exactly the answer you were looking for.

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