Thread: Question on reading matrices from file

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    Question on reading matrices from file

    Ok, I am supposed to read the input from a file that holds info where the matrix dimensions are given, followed by the actual values of each matrix separated by spaces

    3 - Rows of first matrix
    4 - Cols of first matrix
    8 2 0 1
    6 7 2 9
    3 6 1 7
    4 - Rows of second matrix
    2 - Cols of second matrix
    5 6
    9 2
    1 7
    0 6
    My question is, is there a way to differentiate between what is the dimensions, and what are the values of the matrix.

    Also, I imagine the best way to know I am moving on to the 2nd matrix is once I have looped through the dimensions of the first?

    In the end I am multiplying the two, but I THINK I have that part down, because if I ask the user for each individual input, it works.

    Hope this makes sense, Thanks in advance.

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    You know the first two numbers are the dimensions, then you have to read (mxn) numbers for the data, then two numbers for dimensions, then (mxn) numbers for data, ....

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