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    Shift Function

    I do not think I am using the "shift" correctly in my program ? I am trying to cycle the bytes so I would get the value of the bit pattern once I shift the bytes. something to the effect :

    01 00 00 00 = 1

    once it hit FF it would "shift" the bytes so I would get :

    00 01 00 00 = 256
    00 02 00 00 = 512

    and so on ...................

    I am thinking about adding a function and not trying to do it all in the main ? Anyone have any ideas ? Thank you for the help!

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main()
     int i;
     for (i =0; i< 256; i++)
     printf( "The Value is:   %02X 00 00 00     %14d     %14u\n", i,i,i);
     if ( i == 255)
     i = i >> 2;
     for (i =0; i< 256; i++)
     printf( "The Value is:  00 %02X 00 00      %14d     %14u\n", i,i,i);
     if ( i == 255)
     i = i >> 2;
      for (i =0; i< 256; i++)
     printf( "The Value is:  00 00 %02X 00      %14d     %14u\n", i,i,i); 
     if ( i == 255)
     i = i >> 2;
      for (i =0; i< 256; i++)
     printf( "The Value is:  00 00 00 %02X       %14d     %14u\n", i,i,i); 
    return (0);

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    for ( i = 0 ; i < 0x100 ; i++ )

    for ( ; i < 0x10000 ; i += 0x100 )

    for ( i < 0x1000000 ; i += 0x10000 )

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    No 'if' statements are required. When the loops exit the number is equal to the number in the less-than comparison, i.e. 256.

    Instead of this "%02X 00 00 00" You'll want something like this: "%08X"

    You can remove the second getch. No code ever executes after a return.
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    You're re-initializing i to 0 in every loop.
    And one space for indentation is just not sufficient.
    Plus it's messed up, because for every indentation level, there should be more spaces, not less.
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