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    Question Programming C on Linux

    Iam writing a C program, which should use "ssh" to login to another computer execute some steps and logout and come back to my own computer.

    if I use system command eg system ("ssh IP");
    iam able to go to different PC but iam not able to come out as all further system commands dont execute .

    Is their any way I can do it ?

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    That's because
    is essentially consisting of:
    if (fork())
    So until "yourcommand here" stops, the current thread is held waiting for the process to finish.

    There are various ways to achieve what you want. One way would be to generate a script-file, copy it to the other machine using scp, and then run the script file on the other machine. This can probably be done in a shell-script rather than using C, but if for whatever reason you feel that C is more appropriate, then it can be done in C too.

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