Thread: Allocating an array of unknown size?

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    Allocating an array of unknown size?

    When inputing information from stdin, I dont know how many lines I will input, and I will not know how many spots I need to allocate in my array.

    As I read in information, I store it in my array, but how do I malloc space for it, If i dont know how big it needs to be?

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    Consider using a linked list then. Each new line is added to the end of the list.

    When you reach the end of input, you'll know how many lines you have, and it's easy to allocate an array of char** to point to all the lines stored in your list.
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    Start by allocating some sized chunk... 1 meg or two. You'd probably need to allocate for an array of indexes to point to the beginnings of each string in there as well. Perhaps 100 of those. Fill them in as input comes along, keeping careful track as to capacity. If you are going to exceed the bounds, use realloc() to grab a bigger chunk.

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