Thread: Array with input? please help..beginner

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    Array with input? please help..beginner

    I have std input thats says

    @ 3 4

    This means that I need to put an @ sign at slot 3 in my array, and slot 4. how do I do this using getline? im using ./exe <input as my command line argument, so my file 'input' looks like this

    @ 3 4
    % 5 12
    # 2 17

    so obviously i have a 2 dimensional array.. so.. array[i][j] = @ if i = 0 and j = 3.. right?
    how do i put this in a loop?

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    char buff[BUFSIZ];
    while ( fgets( buff, sizeof buff, stdin ) != NULL ) {
    Reads from the keyboard, or from the file if you use <input on the command line.
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