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    id3 tag editor

    So I am a self proclaimed C newb and my professor must have a good sense of humor because he just went from Hello World, to Rock-Paper-Scissor, and now straight to this.

    The project is I need to make an id3 tag editor for MP3s. The format is that if in the command line, the user types

    id3tagEd FILENAME

    He/she will have printed:







    Also if the user specifies:


    That specific field must be overwritten with the new value.

    Now I am trying to look up what to do but have no idea where to begin. A point in the right direction would be very helpful. Thanks!

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    One place to begin is at this ID3 website.

    In terms of C, you need to know how to read and write to a file, but concentrate on reading first.
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