Thread: interfacing c and java..

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    interfacing c and java..

    i am doing a project in c... but it needs GUI at user side....designing GUI using C language i heard that its very difficult... so i thought of doing the GUI using java program.... so now i have to interface c program and java program... please tell me anybody how to do that... and if their is any tutorial which teaches interfacing then mention it.

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    I was in the exact scenario as you about two weeks ago, and what I ended up doing was :

    In Java :
    create a new batch file
    write the c program name
    write the parameters you want to pass to the C Program

    Execute the batch file

    In C:
    Have your program accept command line arguments (int argc, char **argv) and act appropriately

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    You definitely want to be using the JNI.

    If youre using netbeans then this should get you going:

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    Man... using JNI in my opinion is no less work than just slapping together a GUI. I guess it depends on the nature of the beast, so to speak. Depending on the complexity of the GUI and other elements of your program it may merit dealing with the API...

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