Thread: deal or no deal c code or Logic of how the banker offers

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    deal or no deal c code or Logic of how the banker offers

    how to randomize the value to the 26 briefcase using array
    formula for the offer of the banker

    ty in advance!

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    Well there are several ways:

    Keep a sorted array of the amounts, and randomly select one for each of the cases, ie:
    Case 1:
    Select 1-26 (rand()) from amounts
    Remove the item from amounts (plugging the hole)

    So on and so forth. There are however other methods, which could be better.

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    All of the above is correct. As far as the offer goes it's the total amount still available divided by the number of cases remaining plus a little bit for incentive.

    Ex 1:

    Lets say there are three cases left: .01, 200,000.00, and 1,000,000.00

    The bankers offer would be about:

    (.01 + 200,000.00 + 1,000,000.00) / 3 + incentive

    400,000.00 + incentive

    Ex 2:

    Four cases: .01, 1.00, 100,000.00, 1,000,000.00

    The offer: (.01 + 1.00 + 100,000.00 + 1,000,000.00) / 4

    275,000.25 + incentive
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    I'd imagine the banker's offer is based around the average of all the unopened boxes (or just a little less, maybe you could set a rick factor to determine how much higher or lower than the average the offer is).
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    I would use a more advanced function than what rmetcalf had suggested. That or stick with what he said and calculate the incentive based on probabilities. Lets start with a hypothetical:

    You have 4 cases left: $1.00, $50.00, $1,000.00, and $1,000,000.00

    The average of those numbers is $400,414.00, right? Should the banker offer you $400k? I wouldn't.

    So what if instead you look at it as you have a 1 in 4 chance of getting a large prize (call anything over $10,000 a large prize... hell even $10,000 if that is large enough for you) and use those to make a coefficient for probability.

    So lets call the coefficient 0.25 in my example, since you aren't exactly likely to get a mil. Which gives me an offer of $100,105. Which sounds better, right?

    You can play with algorithms for calculating the probabilities. But I think that is the best route and likely the technique actually used for the show. Will your program include ascii babes?

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