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    Cool image resizing algorithms.....

    Hi all......

    How to use image resize algorithm like bilinear interpolation algo in C?

    is there any site or link regarding this?

    Thanks in advance

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    Did you try google?

    This seems to be a good page:

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    When the destination image is larger, loop in terms of its X and Y, then to find the source pixel to copy, divide both X and Y by the scale factor. If you use ints, then you will get the simple 'nearest neighbour' style algorithm when you copy from source to destination.

    Otherwise they will need to be floats - the mantissas (mantissae?) of which (calculated as n - (int) n) will be your interpolation degree between adjacent pixels.

    It is then up to you how you choose to blend adjacent colours based on this value.
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    Hi matsp n Sam

    Thanks for the reply...
    thanks for the link, here i got some valuable info on that. (allegro wiki)..


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    If you are on Windows and you want a fast solution (and by fast I mean run-time and coding-time) then I believe GDI+ has bilinear filtering capabilities.
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