Thread: How do I read in this as a string?

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    How do I read in this as a string?

    I have a file that I can already read in

    If the file says:

    Jamie 20

    I use this code:
    fscanf(file,"%s %lf", struct_ptr[1].name, &struct_ptr[1].number);

    struct_ptr[1].name = "Jamie" and then struct_ptr[1].number = 20

    so... what if I had:

    Jamie Lynn 20

    I dont know how to make struct_ptr[1].name equal the whole string "Jamie Lynn"

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    You can try this where 20 in %20 is the length of string you need to read.
    But this isn't safe so you should probably try an another method.

    fscanf(file,"%20s %lf", struct_ptr[1].name, &struct_ptr[1].number);

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    That's still going to stop at spaces. There are scansets, so you could do something like %<some number>[^0123456789] to read in up to a digit. (The <some number> is the size of the buffer .name.) Granted, you'll get the space at the end, but that's easily fixable.

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    no thats not the only name in the file

    I have like:
    Jamie lynn 20
    Eric D. Mcdaniel 40
    Joe 23

    so I need to read in the name for the name part of the struct, then the number for the number part of the struct.

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    read whole line into temp buffer using fgets
    use strrchr to find last space
    copy the part before space into name
    convert part after space using strtol into number

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    What vart suggests will certainly work. Another method would be to change the input file format so that you have:
    "Joe", 20
    "Jimmy Hoffa", 21
    "E.W. Bloggs", 23
    "Eric John Jones-Smithe", 46
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