Thread: Malloc/and structs plz help

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    Malloc/and structs plz help

    Hi all,

    I'm making a struct like this

    typedef struct{
    	double *x;
    	double *y;
    Then I declare a variable of type 'data' in main.

    is it alright to allocate memory to x & y (as they are array pointers) I have typed it like this.

    	data twoColoumbTable;
    	numRows = 100;
    	twoColoumbTable.x = malloc(numRows * sizeof(double));
    	twoColoumbTable.y = malloc(numRows * sizeof (double));
    just wanted confirmation that this is correct thanks
    Or should it be more like this
    	twoColoumbTable = malloc(2 * numRows * sizeof(double));
    but then i cant allocate memory to the individual members.
    Am hopeing the way iv done it (first eg) it right.

    appreciate the help guys

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