Thread: Programing microcontrollers in c

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    Programing microcontrollers in c

    Hi guys
    I have recently download a book on programing microcontrollers in c

    But i couldn't get any idea about the microcontroller & how to connect it to my PC

    So please someone describe the basic idea about programing microcontrollers using C language & the hardware & software needed for it

    Thanks in advance

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    That would vary quite a bit from one uc (microcontroller) to another. Usually you'd have a serial connection through which you are downloading and otherwise communicating with the uc system.

    As to exactly how, that is the bit that changes from one board/system to another. The software (compiler, linker, debugger, download software, etc) needs to match the uc system you are using, so without knowing what uc system you are planning to use, it would be impossible to say.

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