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    Post Need help on our project

    Submit to me in any proposal that will cover up the ff topics:
    a File Handling
    b Structures
    c Functions (should have at least 3 user defined functions)
    d Graphics (Additional points will be given)

    In your proposal paper, it should have the ff items:
    a Group Members
    b Title of Project
    c Description of Project

    Example of proposal:

    Should include a brief description and the ff:

    Title: ATM
    - Account holder
    - Deposit
    - Withdrawal
    - Pay bills …. Etc (must be at least 3 processes. More processes, with additional points)
    - File handling will be used for saving the data of the account holders, pin numbers….etc
    - Structures will be used for each data of the account holder
    - Four functions will be used. For deposit, withdrawal, account holder, and pay bills. Other functions may also be used such as displays…etc

    Documentation Contents:
    should be in a short bond paper, clear green plastic folder with green slider.
    - Cover page
    o Title of Project
    o Group Members
    - Flowchart
    - Code
    - Sample Output for each processes(GUI)
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    I like the idea. Letting students pick what kind of program they want to do makes them a little more inclined to actually do it. You'll want to be careful to make sure they pick things they can actually do (sometimes I overestimate my students, which just leads to heartache all around). Perhaps allow them to specify some of the extra processes as "time permitting" so that they don't get dinged for failing to follow spec?

    Are green your school colors? I've never seen an assignment sheet that actually specified folder color and slider color.

    Other nitpicks: "cover up" the topics means something rather different than "cover" the topics. The use of "ff" for following is rather annoying -- if I think of "ff" at all, it means "fortissimo". And of course, you've got "Edit/Delete Message" stuck there at the bottom. But overall, I like it. They never let me teach general programming, so I'll never use it, but I like it.

    [I leave it to everyone to determine for themselves how serious this post is.]

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