Thread: munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer

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    segmentation fault

    munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer

    Looking for some clues as to what this might mean.

    ps. is there a way to turn the backtrace OFF?
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    munmap is where "free" ends up, so munmap_chunk is part of "free" (or delete if you use C++). So my guess would be that you are trying to free something that isn't a valid pointer [or some other allocation overwrote the end of its memory and clobbered the next bit of memory that is the part that describes the memory you are trying to free].

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    ps. is there a way to turn the backtrace OFF?
    You mean because it takes up so much history in your terminal and you can't see what happened before the backtrace?

    Not that I know of. However, I'd imagine the backtrace is dumped to stderr. So if your program doesn't use stderr, you could redirect it to /dev/null (or the equivalent for your operating system).

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