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    float value storage

    Can anyone please a float value is stored in memory.

    For example.

    The sizeof float value is 4 bytes ie) 32bits.....

    If a=32.56

    The binary equivalent of 32.56 is 100000.100011111

    How this is stored in 4 bytes....

    Whether it is like this ????

    First two bytes for decimal part and next two bytes for fractinal part...

    Please explain me a float value is stored in memory using 4 bytes....


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    Search the Web for "IEEE 754" for the most common example.
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    Like laserlight alluded, there are actually several different ways of storing floating point numbers. Usually (due to the "floating" point). the number of bytes for the decimal and fractional part are not set, they vary from number to number. That's why it is often impossible to represent numbers accurately that have a huge decimal part and a large fractional part. So you can for example display a number to 20 decimal places, but once you add 10,000,000 to that, you're going to lose precision in the fractional part.

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