Thread: Using address of a parameter of a function

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    Using address of a parameter of a function

    I inherit this piece of code:
    struct LINK *link_id_search(int link_id)
      struct LINK *link;
      link = (LINK *) splaySearch(daemon_body.links, &link_id);
      return link;
    It passes the address of a primitive-data-type parameter (&link_id) to another function. I have never seen this. Is this legal? Does it have a defined behavior?
    The type of the 2nd parameter of splaySearch() is void *.

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    It is perfectly legal and valid.

    However, if you in your search function STORE the pointer "permanently" it would be undefined behaviour as the local variable would disappear. I doubt that the search code actually does store it, tho'.

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