Thread: use of printf prevents segfault!

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    segmentation fault
    gcc 4.1.2 for i386-redhat-linux

    What I really should have been doing all along, as laserlight eventually points out in another thread, was this
    struct thestruct {
    } *ray;
    int main () {
         short int nofl, i;
         [...determine nofl]
         ray = malloc(nofl * sizeof(*ray));
         for (i=0; i<nofl; i++) {
              ray[i].member = whatever;
    Sorry for wasting so much I said, bullheaded and new to C. But I did pick up some stuff along the way.
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    Incidentally, must ray really be a global variable? If feasible, make it a local variable. Also, remember to free() what you malloc(), and to check that malloc() does not return NULL before using ray as a dynamically allocated array.
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