Thread: 2D arrays, strcpy and strcmp Problems

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    2D arrays, strcpy and strcmp Problems

    Hi again. Having quite a number of problems with topics in title.

    My function is meant to do the following.

    > strcmp textblock with wordlibrary.
    > If the element of 'wordlibrary' isn't empty (hence the != 0 - i initialised 'wordlibrary[][]' = {0}), and if 'strcmp' says theres no match, then it 'strcpy' 'textblock' into the first element of 'wordlibrary'.
    > If the word is repeated it just increase it's count.

    char mytext[21] = {"my dog dog bill"};
    char textblock[21] = {0};
    char wordlibrary[10][21] = {0};
    int frequency[10] = {0};
    int wordplace(char textblock[], char wordlibrary[][], int frequency[]){
    int f = 0;
    //f is for word library and counter
    while ((wordlibrary[f]<= 10) && (wordlibrary[f]!= 0)){
    	if((strcmp(textblock,wordlibrary)) == 1){
    	      strcpy(wordlibrary[f], textblock);
    	   if((strcmp(textblock, wordlibrary)) == 0){
    	   printf("%s\n %s", wordlibrary, frequency); 
       return 0;
    The errors i get are :

    1. 'wordlibrary' missing subscript
    2. '<=' : no conversion from int to char
    3. '<=' : char [1] differs in levles of indirection from int
    4. 'strcmp': cannot convert parameter 2 from char [][1] to const char *
    5. Same as 4.
    6. end of file before the left brace '{' at....address.

    Sorry to be such a fuss. I HAVE tried to repair this myself, but i can't fix what i don't fully understand.

    Any advice/help would be much appreciated.

    Thank You.

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    First error:
    int wordplace(char textblock[], char wordlibrary[][], int frequency[]){
    In multidimensional arrays, you must supply the lower dimensions (all but the first set of [] MUST be filled, the first [] is optional (and ignored)).

    I think you are missing a * or [] in your #2 error, as you are comparing a char array with an integer value (10). This is invalid - I'm not sure what you actually expected to have happen, so I can't recommend a solution.

    #3 error would be same problem as #2 - comparing an integer with a char array.

    #4 I'm pretty sure is related to #1.
    #5 - Same as #4.

    #6. You probably have misbalanced your braces for the blocks.

    	if((strcmp(textblock,wordlibrary)) == 1){
    I think you mean == 0.

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    Decided to go back and simplify things, so i got a better understanding of how things work. My question is, can i Loop the strcpy function?

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <string.h>
    #include <ctype.h>
    int main(int argc, char *argv[]){
    char wordlibrary[5][21] = {{"luke"},{"lukeson"},{"liar"},{"abstract"}, {"liar"}};
    char wordbackup[5][21] = {{0},{0},{0},{0},{0}};
    int f = 0;
    while (f <= 4){
    printf("%s\n", wordlibrary[f]);
    /*f = 0;
    int g = 0;
    while ((f<=4) && (g<=4)){
    strcpy(wordbackup[g], wordlibrary[f]);
    char onew[21] = {"system"};
    char empty[21] = {0};
    strcpy(empty, onew);
    printf("%s\n", empty);
    return 0;

    I commented out my loop here, but when not commented out i get the following error.

    Line 21. "Term does not evaluate to a function taking arguments

    Please and Thank You.

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    > wordbackup(g);
    It's an array, and you're trying to call it as a function (hence the error message about something not being a function).

    Oh, and please fix the indentation before posting.
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