Thread: Read data from file - C program ?

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    Read data from file - C program ?


    I am new to C programming. I want to read the whole data from a text file.

    Can anybody tell me the code/syntax for following steps in sequence:

    1) Open a text file.

    1) Read the data from a text file.

    3) If successfully read, then check the size of the data read (means number of characters read from the file). If zero or above range (e.g. 100000 chars) then prompt a message and exists.

    4) If found some size within range, then close the text file and proceed.

    Does fopen, fread help me in this case ? plz advice...

    I'll appreciate if anybody can provide me the code

    Thanks in advance...

    Best Regards
    Pawan Sangal

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    There are numerous examples in the FAQ section of this web site.
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    As said above and yes fopen(), fread(), fclose() is all that you need. Check the internet/FAQ/turorial how to use them and note that fread() returns the number of characters read

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