Thread: safe gets (allocating)?

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    safe gets (allocating)?


    I'm wondering whether there is a safe gets which allocates new memory for the string, like scanf("%as", &s), with the difference that it scans the whole line instead of stopping at a blank space. Or can you modify scanf("%as", &s) to stop reading only at new line characters?
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    fgets() is the safe option of gets, but it's still not allocating memory - you have to give it a "large enough" buffer - it will stop at the end of input, and you can detect if it read the entire line or not.

    In linux there is "gnu readline" which returns a pointer to a string.

    You can of course write a readline compatible function for Windows (with the same or a different name), using for example fgets() in (with a large temporary buffer and allocating a second buffer and copy into the allocated memory) or using fgetc() and allocating the buffer as you need.

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