Thread: How to pass locations of bit-field items?

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    How to pass locations of bit-field items?

        struct input_data
        unsigned char gp1:1;
        unsigned char gp2:1;
        unsigned char gp3:1;
        unsigned char gp4:1;
        unsigned char gp5:1;
        unsigned char gp6:1;
        unsigned char gp7:1;
        unsigned char gp8:1;
        } in;
        struct eight_bit_words
        unsigned char A:8;
        unsigned char B:8;
        } eight_bit;
    } un;
    I want to access the data in a variable such as un.eight_bit.A
    from an external function, without passing the entire union. Apparently I can't get an address for an object in a union, so how do I do it?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    You can't take the address of a bit-field member of a struct/union.

    Yet another of the restrictions on using them.
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