Thread: What does this error mean? double free or corruption

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    What does this error mean? double free or corruption

    Hey ~ everyone~
    What does this error mean?
    *** glibc detected *** double free or corruption (!prev):

    It occurs when i tried to write to a file like this :

    Write2DArrayInt(tcumulus, ncolumns,nrows, out);
    Write2DArrayInt is a function like this:
    void Write2DArrayInt(short int **Array, int Columns, int Rows, FILE
    int i;
    for(i=0; i<Rows; i++){
    fwrite(Array[i], sizeof(short int),Columns, fp);

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    You stomped on memory somewhere, or freed something twice. Without seeing a complete program it's hard to say what, exactly, the problem is. Since you appear to be on Linux, I'd recommend Valgrind. It's a great debugger that will tell you all sorts of places you made a mistake, even if your program doesn't crash at that point. It should help narrow down problems. gdb, of course, is also a useful tool.

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    BTW, where is your file "opened" for writing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kcpilot View Post
    BTW, where is your file "opened" for writing?
    Yes, it is traditional to put the OPEN and CLOSE in matched pairs, so either the function both opens and closes the file, or it's part of the upper layer to open AND close the file. There are exceptions, but this doesn't look like one of those exception cases.

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