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    3D Modeler

    I'm kinda new to programing in C because I normally did programing in Java dealing with 2d applications. Right now I wanted to work on a 3D Modeler in C, mainly do to its' overwhelming speed in comparison to Java in compiling. So I was wondering if anyone could help give me any leads or info to help me to start this project.

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    OpenGL I reckon would be a place to start.

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    Before you can build a 3D modeler, you need two things:
    1. A good understanding of the C language.
    2. A good understanding of 3D math.

    Also, if you are used to Java, you may want to consider C++ instead of C. Correctly done, there shouldn't be any noticeable difference in performance, but the task of working on 3D objects is much simpler in C++ since you can for example produce classes for vertices and matrices that you can use with basic math.

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    Does anyone have any links to informative websites?

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