Thread: Printing Lines to .txt File

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    Printing Lines to .txt File

    What I have done is basically laid out a 10x10 table filled with zeroes in every position. Now what I want to do is have the user input a line number, and then fill in the 10 columns with actual numbers. Is there a command in C that will let me move the cursor to the next line without printing a new line?

    The idea I had was to have a loop run a number of times set by the line number. So say we choose line number 7. The loop would run 7 times, printing a "\n" every time, but this will create a blank line in between, I just want the cursor to move down one without printing a blank line.

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    If I understand correctly - what you want to achieve is impossible to do using only standard C - you may want to have a look at the ncurses library...
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    This might help you without using ncurses (only tested on linux).
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdarg.h>
    void print_pos(int x, int y, char * msg, ...)
        /* sets the cursor */
        fprintf(stdout, "%c[%d;%df", 0x1B, y, x);
        va_list arg;
        va_start(arg, msg);
        vfprintf(stdout, msg, arg);
        /* call this outside of the function */
        /* fflush(stdout); */

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