Thread: How to build a baseball stats database

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    How to build a baseball stats database

    My goal is to build a baseball statics database. A tree schematic would be like:
    Database branch to Team branch to Game # branch to Player brach to Each individual statistic. I want to be able to search for a player and bring up his total stats, I want to be able to bring up stats for a certain team on a certain game, and I want to be able to sort stats and see what player's lead in certain categories. Any thoughts or ideas on how to begin to construct this? I was thinking of doing it with all array, but if I wanted to make a player array, how can I associate a team name, position name, and stats in one array?
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    Probably start with DB of teams
    Create the struct DB and struct Team
    Deside how you store your Team set (probably dynamic array)
    Decide what API you will provide (add new Team, search the Team by name or ID) modify Team
    Save / Load to from file

    Write it, compile it, test it

    When it is working - Add players, etc
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