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    string manipulate

    I want to take all of a specific letter from a string and insert another letter were the old ones were i just cant figure out how.For example say you enter the string "goodbye" and i want to change all the o's to a's how would i do that?

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    Loop over the characters of the string. Whenever the current character is an 'o', assign an 'a'.
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    Here's an example:

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>
    int main(void)
    	char str[] = "goodbye";
    	int str_len = strlen(str);
    	int x;
    	printf("BEFORE: %s\n", str);
    	for(x = 0; x < str_len; x++)
    		if(str[x] == 'o')
    			str[x] = 'a';
    	printf("AFTER: %s\n", str);
    	return 0;	 

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    Another way to loop over a string using the fact that c strings are Null terminated:
    for (i = 0;str[i] != '\0';++i) ;
    And it retains the "spirit of the language" which strlen() does not.

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