Thread: Writing/Reading multiple files...??

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    Exclamation Writing/Reading multiple files...??

    I wonder, is it safe to write/read multiple files in the same time (using thread)?

    Could it damage the disk?

    I'm a little bit scary here...

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    You should be OK. There is no rule against having ore than one file open at a time, and if different threads are reading/writing different files I wouldn't anticipate any trouble.

    ...Of course, there is always the possibility of something going terribly wrong during development. I wouldn't worry about physically "damaging" the disk... But you could accidently over-write some data, or something like that.

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    No, it will not damage your hard drive.
    However, as DougDbug mentions, there are multi-threaded issues around this, so be sure to lock before reading and writing when multiple threads share the same file.
    There's a possibility you can corrupt your own files, due to multi-threaded issues.
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    Thank you very much guys ...(~^_^~)!

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