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    Some direction please

    I need to create a program that will perform a diff on all files in two different directories. Basically it's going to check for any changes between these 2 directories.

    The main "base standard" directory will change as will the comparison directory.

    I read the man on ftw and I believe that is the way I want to go for traversing the directory. However, I need to use the "diff" command for this processing so I need to perform an exec(X) of some sort.

    Here's some sample code I tried and it works well for one file at a time:

    #include <stdio.h>
    main() {
      FILE *fpipe;
      char *command="diff /base/standard.txt /comp/standard.txt";
      char line[256];
      if (!(fpipe = (FILE*)popen(command, "r"))) {
        perror("Problem with pipe");
      while (fget(line, sizeof line, fpipe)) {
        printf("%s", line);
    My question is this. Should I use the popen for each file and store all the output from the diff command in a variable? In which case, I guess I'll have to pclose each time as well. Or should I be looking at pipe/fork/exec? At times there will be directory trees that go 5-6 levels deep and could be hundreds of files. What is the best way to make sure this scales up well?

    Will sending the output of each diff command to a file incur too much time delay? This process needs to be extremely fast.

    Thank you in advance for your guidance.

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    Why not just use a shell script?

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    If you need fast thing, never do multiprocessing.

    new proccess == new resource == more load time == slow

    capturing another proccess output == ++slow

    I suggest you to make your diff routine, then you may make multithreading program to gain more speed.

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    diff -r perhaps?

    rags_to_riches is right, this is prime shell-script territory.

    You could spend weeks writing and debugging C code which will only be 10&#37; quicker than the 5 minute 1-liner you could have typed in at the shell.
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    Or, if you have to use C you could use tmpfile Copy the content across, and just scan once in a while. Its not going to be fast, but it would be pretty easy.

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