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    array of function pointers ..

    I have program which has an array of function pointers.
    #include <stdio.h>
    int (* arrFunPtr[5])(void);
    void f1(void);
    void f2(void);
    void f3(void);
    void f4(void);
    void f5(void);
    void f1()
            printf("Iam in f1 \n");
    void f2()
            printf("Iam in f2 \n");
    void f3()
            printf("Iam in f3 \n");
    void f4()
            printf("Iam in f4 \n");
    void f5()
            printf("Iam in f5 \n");
    int main()
            int choice=0;
            arrFunPtr[0] = &f1; // line 43
            printf("Please Enter Your Choice  \n");
                    case 1:
                                            printf("zero \n");
                                               printf("Default \n");
            return 0;
    When i compile it , gives me an warning as ..

    ex6.c: In function `main':
    ex6.c:43: warning: assignment from incompatible pointer type

    When i execute it , gives me the desired result.

    Iam concerned about the warming .

    Can any one let me know about this.

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    Your function pointer array is expecting a return type of int, whilst your f1, f2 ... functions are have a void return type. Fix that and you will not have a warning.

    Compilers can produce warnings - make the compiler programmers happy: Use them!
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