Thread: differences between struct and typedef struct

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    differences between struct and typedef struct

    This may have been asked before and may also be trivial, but I'm curious between the differences of:
    struct ANYTYPE
        // members
    typedef struct TYPENAME
          // members
    } ANYTYPE;
    Would be muchly appreciated to hear some thoughts.

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    When you name a structure with a tag like so,
    struct tag {
    you're declaring a structure tag that can be used together with the struct keyword to declare an instance of that structure.
    struct tag instance;
    When you use a typedef like this,
    typedef struct {
    } tag;
    you're declaring a typedef by the name of tag which happens to map to a structure, and which you can use like this, without the "struct" keyword.
    tag instance;
    Basically, using typedef lets you leave off the struct keyword everywhere else.

    (BTW, this is a C phenomenon. In C++, you can declare an instance of a struct or a class with just the tag name, with no typedef required.)

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