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    Question clearing a variable


    i am writing a program in C. i have it like this so far:


    char *com[256];

    int main()
    [first half of prog goes here]
    [i want to clear the com variable here]
    [last half here]

    return 0;

    yea, so can anyone tell me how i can clear the variable? cause its currently got the string "echo hello" in it, and i want to put in "echo yes", but it turns out as "echo yeslo" so i figured if i cleared it it wouldn't do that.

    thanks all!

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    > char *com[256];
    Given your description, I'm pretty sure you should be using

    char com[256];

    > but it turns out as "echo yeslo"
    Well if you did
    strncpy( com, "echo yes", 8 );
    that is what you would see

    So just do this
    strcpy( com, "echo yes" );

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    The Artful Lurker Deckard's Avatar
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    And if you wanted to simply blank out the array, this would do the trick:
    memset( com, 0, sizeof(com) );
    Jason Deckard

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    Or simply use a for-loop to clear the array or just a part of it, since in both cases there will be "echo " in the string.

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    Smile thanks!

    thanks alot guys, especially Deckard. i looked up the man page for memset, and it looks like a really cool function, and now my prog works

    thanks again!

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