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    Question sizeof array

    Was trying this program

    int retsize( int a[] );
    int main()
         int arr[]={1,2,3,4};
         printf(" size = %d \n",sizeof(arr));
         printf(" size = %d \n",retsize(arr));
         return 0;
    int retsize (int arr[])
        return sizeof(arr);
    The answer im getting is
    size = 16
    size = 4

    i wonder why the function is not returning 16 too.
    please shed some light. and how do i correct it


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    It is not possible to pass an array to a function. Instead, a pointer to the first element is passed (and as you see, pointers are four bytes).

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    And if you actually want to use the size of an array when it has been passed to a function, you need to pass the original size from the calling code - that is, add another parameter to the function that indicates the size.

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