Thread: pthread and socket porting from Linux to Windows

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    pthread and socket porting from Linux to Windows

    Excuse me for my ignorance

    If i wanna port some pthread and socket C source code from Linux to Windows which are the most straight forward options?
    I still have to study that but:
    (1) Windows has a very different implementation of "socketing"?
    (2) Windows has a very different implementation of threads?
    (3) if the answer to (1) or (2) is "yes" or "quite": isn't there a probably less efficient but nice secundary version of socketing and/or threading for windows, more POSIX style? I think I found once an implementation of pthreads for windows: is it quite good?

    thank you

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    I beleive Windows sockets are pretty close to the BSD sockets used in Linux.

    Depending on what pthread features you need, you may be able to wrap the Windows/pthread implementations in fairly thinly for the use in your Windows app. But there may be some more work needed to translate some of the more complex parts of pthreads.

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    There exists a pthreads library for Windows I believe, floating about the Internet somewhere, so you might be ok not changing your threading implementation.

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