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    inline function

    1) If understand correctly from tutorials in order to inline a function you add the inline keyword and nothing else. Is this correct? Is this the same for C89 and C99?
    2) Declaring inline a function from another file is done with the same way? There is a difference in C89 and C99 when using extern and inline, and thus an option in gcc to choose, but I can't understand the difference no matter how many times I read it. I feel kind of stupid

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    Inline is only effective if the compiler can see the function when it's compiling the calling code.

    Also, inline is only a recommendation to the compiler that you think this function should be inlined, it does not guarantee that inline should be used. In gcc you can (sometimes) use -Winline to get information of why something isn't inlined.

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    You seem to be correct but C89/C90 does not have inline. Only C99 does. You might be thinking of the GNU extensions labeled as GNU C89.

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