Thread: Segmentations and casting errors

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    Segmentations and casting errors

    At times I run into segmentations and casting errors (I do realize both are different kind of errors).

    Mostly I solve them, but it takes me a lot of time to do so. I wondered is there a guide or way of approach to solve this kind of errors more quickly and in a logical way? Or is it just.... you have them, deal with them!!! .

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    ps. Do we have here also an forum where I can ask questions about VI and GDE?
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    You mean segmentation fault? These are usually easy to find with a debugger. Just look back at the stack and figure out why the value is incorrect.

    Not sure what you mean by casting errors, so not sure what to do about them - the only errors I know of with regards to casting is source errors, and compiler errors are always the easiest to find (in comparison to errors not detected by the compiler - sometimes compiler errors can be a bit difficult too) - not to mention that you should avoid casts as much as possible anyways.

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    Don't write them in the first place, and compile as you go. Rather than writing a huge program with 50 zillion errors which you have to fix all at once.

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    By "casting errors" do you mean using the wrong format specifiers for printf()? That's a reasonably common mistake.

    gcc will warn you about this if you enable warnings.
    gcc -W -Wall program.c -o program

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