Thread: Using Library qsort() to Compare doubles

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    Using Library qsort() to Compare doubles

    I've got an array of doubles and wrote a simple comparison function, but when I run, my array remains unsorted. Your help is appreciated.
    double moment [1001];
    void *func = &dComp;
    int dComp(const void *a,const void *b) 
          if( &a < &b)
             return -1;
          else if( &a > &b) 
             return 1;
             return 0;  
    Also, I don't know much about function pointers, but considering gcc didn't spit out any errors, I think what I wrote was correct.

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    You are comparing the address of the pointers, which is definitely absolute incorrect (&a will never be equal to &b, and &a > &b will be a constant for any given compiler - either true or false depending on the order of arguments fit on the stack in such a function).

    You will need to cast a and b to (const double *), then dereference those new pointers and return the comparison of that.

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    &a is the address of a, and &b is the address of b. So you're comparing addresses, not the values themselves.

    You'll also need to convince dComp that the things you're looking at are doubles and not "void", whatever the heck that is. So maybe something like
    double *left = a;
    And now you can compare *left and *right.

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