Thread: help with pipeing stdin and stdout from child procces

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    help with pipeing stdin and stdout from child procces


    I trying to create a pipe between two applications (gui and console) for that i need to understand the pipeing world ...

    A console application uses stdin and stdout and i wish to pipe it to the gui application so stdin of console application will be stdout of gui and stdout of console will be stdin of gui application.

    i read the man file of dup2() , popen() , pipe() and abit stuck.

    i wish to achieve the next :
    parent send command to child.
    child do some thing and answer to parent
    parent print the answer.

    Using a tutorial :

    #include <sys/types.h>
    #include <unistd.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    int main(){
    	pid_t pid;
    	int rv;
    	int	commpipe[2];		/* This holds the fd for the input & output of the pipe */
    	char str[] = "Whats up dock?";
    	/* Setup communication pipeline first */
    		fprintf(stderr,"Pipe error!\n");
    	/* Attempt to fork and check for errors */
    	if( (pid=fork()) == -1){
    		fprintf(stderr,"Fork error. Exiting.\n");  /* something went wrong */
    		/* A positive (non-negative) PID indicates the parent process */
    		dup2(commpipe[1],1);	/* Replace stdout with out side of the pipe */
    		close(commpipe[0]);		/* Close unused side of pipe (in side) */
    		setvbuf(stdout,(char*)NULL,_IONBF,0);	/* Set non-buffered output on stdout */
    		fprintf(stderr,"Gui  sent %s \n",str); //Just to be sure.
    		wait(&rv);				/* Wait for child process to end */
    		fprintf(stderr,"Child exited with a %d value\n",rv);
    		/* A zero PID indicates that this is the child process */
    		dup2(commpipe[0],0);	/* Replace stdin with the in side of the pipe */
    		close(commpipe[1]);		/* Close unused side of pipe (out side) */
    		/* Replace the child fork with a new process */
    		if(execl("child","child",NULL) == -1){
    			fprintf(stderr,"execl Error!");
    	return 0;

     *  The idea is to alter stdin and stdout  :
     *  this part should use parent procces (parent.c) as its keyboard and screen
     * i wish to run this application as a demon.
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main(){
    	char string[100];
    	printf("External Process\n");
    		printf("Enter Command: ");
    		fflush(stdout);				/* Must flush to see command prompt */
    		printf("(child got) %s\n",string);		/* No flush necessary because new line flushes */
    	return 0;
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    Would it be too much to ask you to describe what is (not?) happening that is different from what you expect. I only quickly scanned to code, and I didn't see anythign dramatically wrong, so I presume there's something that isn't right, but that I don't understand.

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    i made a cerius mystake to handle both input and output i need two pipes not one (as i did).
    So to fix this code i need to have two arrays of filediscriptors.

    on child part need to do :
    close(1); /* Close current stdout. */
    dup( cp[1]); /* Make stdout go to write
    end of pipe. */
    close(0); /* Close current stdin. */
    dup( pc[0]); /* Make stdin come from read
    end of pipe. */
    close( pc[1]);
    close( cp[0]);
    on parent:

    /* Parent. */
    /* Close what we don't need. */
    write to client

    read from client...
    cp - child to perant
    pc - perant to child
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