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    Super in need of Help

    I entered a one year IT Certificate Program, they said the training would be hard but they didn't say it would be this, I have no IT background. 10 days I ago they introduce us to C Programming and now I'm required to pass a Enrollment System Program. Could someone point me to any sample machine problems. Right now, I'm still at my menu systems. Super seriously in need of help.

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    Your class books and hand outs have no samples of machine problems similar to what you'll be tested on?

    Don't be shy, ask the instructor for some study materials on this.

    Did you try Googling for IT machine problems?

    The forums really work best when you post up some code, and ask specific questions about why it does or doesn't, work.

    The forums really don't work well when you have no code, and ask nothing specific about C programming.

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    Did you read the prospectus to find out what the pre-requisites were?
    If you're already finding it super hard, then it isn't going to get any easier.
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