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    Memory Pool Question

    Using this simple algorithm when you append a character into a string will reduce calls to [m|re|c]alloc...
    typedef struct
        char *value;
        size_t length;
        size_t allocated;
    } string;
    void str_append(string *str, char c)
        if((str->length + 2) > str->allocated)
            str->allocated += 255;
            str->value = realloc(str->value, str->allocated);
        str->value[str->length] = c;
        str->value[++(str->length)] = 0;
    I want to implement this algorithm to make a simple memory pool. But the problem is, when I use realloc, the returned memory address might be changed is possible...
    function pool_request(MemoryPool pool_obj, number size)
        if pool_obj.length + size > pool_obj.allocated
            pool_obj.allocated += 255
            pool_obj.allocation = realloc(pool_obj.allocation, pool_obj.allocated)
        end if
        pool_obj.length += size
        return pointer operation:(pool_obj.allocation + (pool_obj.length - size))
    end function
    It seems the pseudocode above is impossible.

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    If realloc succeeds, it moves the data for you, although any pointers will be invalidated.
    So just change the base pointer and you should be fine.
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