Thread: wierd problem with gcc

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    wierd problem with gcc

    I made a simple program which opens a text file and prints "file opened successfully" or "error opening file" depending whether the file was opened or not. I compiled it and copied the executable to /usr/bin so that I could issue commands like open filename.txt without the additional ./ [dot forward slash] before it.

    I later deleted that executable from /usr/bin but now every time I type gcc without anything else, instead of saying "No input files" it says "error opening file". If I try to compile some other program like gcc hello.c -o hello, it doesn't compile anything just says "file opened successfully". What do you think is the problem?

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    Um, you renamed your program to "gcc" inside /usr/bin/?

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    No its name was 'cc'

    I did sudo cp /home/abhishek/Desktop/cc /usr/bin

    I should have named it openfile or something like that

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    GCC might call "cc". Issuing your command would have overwritten GCC's cc with your own. Then you deleted it, so GCC can no longer open "cc" . . . .

    What could you do about this? You could reinstall GCC. Depending on your system, you might be able to copy a "cc" from a similar installation.

    Though, on my Debian system,
    $ file /usr/bin/cc
    /usr/bin/cc: symbolic link to `/etc/alternatives/cc'
    cc is just a symlink, so you might be able to re-create it.

    On a side note: never touch /usr/bin. You can just create your own directory, say ~/bin, and put that directory in the PATH. It's a much better idea, for reasons that are probably painfully obvious.

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