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    Wink Books and Tutorials??

    Hello ladies and gentlemen!

    Im a C noob. What would be a good tutorial guide for a begginer in C programming. My class in college for C is coming up so I want to get some basic knowledge before school starts. I have Borland C++ builder 5.0 right now but can get Microsoft C++. Also the class is only for C not C++.

    Thanks for your help!!!!

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    I believe that the mainpage, has many links to this kind of information.

    But I personally suggest just using your textbook and hanging around here a bit.

    And really, your compiler shouldn't matter, since you should be programming in ANSI C (the elements of the language which all compilers support).
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    The Sams teach yourself C in 21 days are good for beginners. You have to read as much as you can. It would be a huge advantage to start reading before the course.

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    Is that book online? I know the C++ one is, but can u give me a link to download the ebook version of "Sams teach yourself C in 21 days " ?

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