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    Talking Opening DOS IDE????

    Hey people,

    Dont laugh I really have no idea what Im doing. I bought my school text for a class thats coming up in about 3 months. Thank God I got it ahead of time cus obviously I need the time to figure it out.

    Im takin C programming in college. I have Borland C++ builder standard edition. In the book they use the DOS IDE.

    How do I open the DOS IDE? I have win98 if that makes a diff.


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    You likely don't have it. Depending on your version, you won't have the DOS IDE. I believe after v3.0, you didn't get the DOS IDE. 3.1 was the Windows only IDE.

    Depending on the tool, you still have some DOS things, but for the overall IDE, you probably don't have a DOS version.

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    Why not using the IDE you have. Take some time to learn how the Windows IDE works and then you can go on learning C, which is the thing you want. I guess the most important things you need to learn are the menu's of the IDE, if you understand the Windows IDE, it shouldn't be too hard to perform the actions in the DOS IDE into the Windows IDE.

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