Thread: how to print only N numbers of string

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    how to print only N numbers of string

    Hello all
    beginners question :
    i have code that receives string buffer the buffer size is 128
    but i like to print to console the string that actually receives , it can be 10 characters long or 5 or 20
    i have :

    int rec_result;
    int lens = 128;
    char buf[128];
    rec_result = recv(new_fd,(char*)buf,lens,0);
    // now i like to print only the buf string 
    // this code dos not work because i can't set the char array like this 
    // what is the alternative ?
    int u = rec_result+1;
    char bufprintout[6];
    printf("server recv:%s",bufprintout);

    what is the proper way to do that ?

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    You could make buf to contain one extra char, and then just set a '\0' at location buf[rec_result] (provided rec_result is not signifying an error).

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