Thread: Regarding memory.

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    Regarding memory.

    Dear All,
    What is the meaning of On chip memory and Off-chip memory
    what is the difference between these two terms?

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    On-chip memory means memory that is part of the CPU chip itself. That would be either caches or integrated memory of some other sort (many embedded processors have RAM and/or ROM built into the chip to reduce the number of components in the system).

    Off-chip memory is any other type of memory that is not part of the CPU chip itself - RAM, ROM, Flash.

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    And needless to say, the CPU will access on-chip memory faster (probably), since it won't need to connect with the other memory through a bus

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    I work with off-chip memory and off-board memory everyday. It's very useful for machines that may be storing very important data that must be guaranteed to persist if the machine goes down either due to an error or due to a power failure. Most components for this type of environment are required to boot back up at exactly the same state they were in prior to the error or power outage. This is NOT as easy as it sounds and requires you to code a bit different than you may for a system that simply relied on volatile RAM.

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